Embassy Consulting

We believe in Customer and Employee Centricity. They are at the heart of every business. Our consultancy services specialise in the human intangibles of business that lead to success. These are fundamentally the harmony between human emotion, as well as the psychology of people within a collective community, and our mindful relationship with leaders in the Company.

You can’t improve it if you cannot measure it. We support and navigate decision-makers to recognise that effective tools coupled with Wellness strategies lead to higher engagement and enjoyment for meaningful work.


Mindfulness is an essential instrument for all companies. Understanding your presence within the workplace will drive performance, champion the company and serve the changing needs within your business ecosystem.

Our goal is simple. If we have the skills and talents that you need then we will go out of our way to support you. And if we don’t, then we are confident that we have the trusted networks and strategic partners for you.

If you require a 1hr micro advisory session to ask us as many start-up business questions as you like, or participate in our leadership workshops, we can facilitate you. If you require analytical consulting sessions or would like to participate in our professional engagement program to implement marketing schematics and change strategy, we can service you. You may even require help administering your social media accounts, design your business website or engage with our software developer in bringing your app idea come to life; branding included.


What is your personal or professional highlight? Our consulting services utilise Double Diamond design thinking strategy with authentic, transparent milestones to discover, define, develop and deliver holistic business solutions that grab attention.

By the year 2025, 75% of the global workforce currently aged between 22 to 37 will be a millennial. This brings unique trans-generational thinking into the workplace, as we recognise the gap and the opportunity to distinguish yourself in developing practical solutions that attracts talented employees.

Begin with the end in mind. We further support companies in the execution of effective leadership and performance measures surrounding emerging professional development cultural norms for teams.

Do you hold the metrics for Wellness?  Whether a pioneer, scalable start-up or close follower you are now required to develop a systematic approach using internal and external auditing tools designed to foster 4 Wellness Indicators.


With an increasing and deepening responsibility facing companies, the physical and virtual environment in which we connect with must be sustainable and trustworthy.


Empower effective professional working relationships with clear vision for employee adoption.


Where the furthest most distant people within the company believes in and lives out its Purpose.


Health and fitness strategies that foster Wellbeing. Fitness Embassy® guarantees to deliver movement as a medium towards happiness for employees, families, and communities.

Services sampling:


  • Engagement & change strategy
  • Culture development
  • Business development
  • Leadership programs – face to face and online platforms
  • Onsite facilitated workshops
  • PD & team mentoring
  • Wellness strategy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Health & fitness program design, delivery & monitoring
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Contemporary work spaces
  • Growth mindset strategy



  • Technology consulting
  • Business Intelligence, BI
  • Software development
  • Solutions architecture
  • Calm Technology
  • Online marketing strategy
  • ICT professional services – hardware & software
  • Research & Development
  • Installation



  • Onsite business support
  • Scenario testing & funnelling
  • Systematic processing
  • Work safe environment
  • Alias email strategy
  • Stock listing & reporting
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) strategy
  • Team leadership development
  • Personnel roles & responsibilities
  • Communication strategy
  • Time management
  • Pedagogy in the workplace